J.P. Laurin

Sales Representative

MOBILE:  613-229-1990
OFFICE:  613-288-1999

Who am I?

Looking for an experienced agent who knows the Ottawa and area market inside out? Real estate is J.P. Laurin’s life. J.P. works in real estate 7 days a week around the clock because he loves what he does. J.P. has been in real estate since he was 18 years old and that’s all he’s ever done. During that time, J.P. has closed over 2,300 deals!

JP studied business administration including Marketing at Humber College. He is fluently bilingual in English and French.

J.P. is passionate about real estate because he likes working with people. His specialty is client relations extraordinaire. J.P. gets results because he’s a creative deal maker and an excellent negotiator. He approaches every deal as if he himself is the buyer or seller and if the deal’s not good enough in his eyes, it’s not good enough for his client.

J.P. has lived in Ottawa since he was 17 and he’s here to stay. He handles every kind of real estate from condos to high end luxury properties to complex commercial deals including multi-family, office and retail and investment properties.

J.P. has sold condos, townhouses and residential homes in many areas of the city, including Alta Vista, Kanata, Bells Corners and Orleans. He sold 3 luxury properties in Rockcliffe last year and is working on 2 Rockcliffe deals this year.

J.P. has sold many strip plazas including a full commercial block on Bank St. and Cameron Ave., another on Mann Ave. in Sandy Hill, on Cadboro Rd. and Slater St. just to name a few.

J.P. also specializes in multi-units and has sold numerous projects including 40 individual condo units on St. Bernard St. off Bank St.; 49 units on St. Laurent; 29 row units on Summerville Ave and King St., to give some examples.

J.P. handles investment properties, often working with CEO’s. A number of his clients who started with him in real estate at the beginning have become successful real estate investors.

J.P. loves hockey and other sports – he’s a big Toronto Maple Leaf fan. He enjoys fine dining, travelling and music. He likes to play his grand piano and plays classical music, by ear.

J.P. has won many real estate awards such as #1 first quarter volume in sales in Canada and #1 first quarter transactions in Canada. He has also won many Coldwell Banker President’s Circle International and President’s Elite International awards.

There’s no deal too big or too small for J.P. He never quits until the deal is done and closed, and the client is happy!

Specialty: Residential, Commercial

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